Look Who Lives in the Ocean!

Look Who Lives in the Ocean!
Splashing and Dashing, Nibbling and Quibbling, Blending and Fending

Fish go to school, lobsters work as janitors, and creatures that can neither walk nor swim build cities -- all in Look Who Lives in the Ocean! As children read each tale in this book, they'll wonder if manatees are the mermaids that sailors say they sometimes see, they'll ask if dolphins are lifeguards, and they'll laugh or shudder at the caricature of a dentist cleaning a shark's teeth.

As she did in her first children's book, Look Who Lives in the Desert!, author-illustrator Brooke Bessesen combines imaginative, rhyming tales and fascinating facts accompanied by photographs of the ocean's denizens. The result brings the ocean's joy and marvels to children's story hour.

A sheer delight! The combination of facts, poems and drawings is most compelling … I read everything and absolutely loved it!"

-- Warren Iliff, late President/CEO of the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific,
Director of the Phoenix Zoo, Dallas Zoo, Washington Park Zoo

“A really charming book … good science and good fun. Wonderful lists of relevant facts are the treasures here, and you'll pick the ones you want to keep in your mind forever."

-- Byrd Baylor, author of two Caldecott-honored children's books

“I love Brooke Bessesen's books! They are educational, creative and compelling for little minds as well as big ones."

-- Cristina Carlino, Creator/CEO, philosophy™

“Bessesen's done it again. Her second [Look Who Lives …] book is just as captivating as her first. My son and I continue to laugh and learn together as we travel through yet another journey of discovery."

-- Robin Domeniconi, former President/Publisher, Real Simple Magazine

About the Author:
Brooke Bessesen is a naturalist who travels extensively around the globe to better understand animal species. She has worked on the Phoenix Zoo medical team as a certified veterinary technician and as an on-camera naturalist. Also, she is an award-winning television producer whose credits include KTVK's weekly series A Brighter Day with Jan D'Atri, as well as stories for National Geographic Channel, Style Network, and Discovery Health. Published by Arizona Highways, her first children's book, Look Who Lives in the Desert! received several honors and awards.

Text and illustrations by Brooke Bessesen, hardcover, full-color illustrations, 10½” x 9”, 48 pages, ISBN 978-1-932082-82-1.

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Look Who Lives in the Ocean!